Ecolet Toilets

In addition to the Clivus Multrum composting toilet system, we also have a range of all-in-one units that are ideal for holiday homes, boats, sheds or caravans.

The Ecolet range of toilets is particularly suitable where the building you wish to install your toilet in is on a concrete slab, as they don't require a compost chamber below the toilet room floor.

We also have a compact, low budget alternative for intermittent use in that shed or weekender.

EcoLet Manual
Semi automatic Electric 240V
2 People full time 3 people part time usage

The Manual model contains an electric heater and fan to aid the composting process by evaporating excess liquids, regulating the temperature, and providing additional air flow to the compost mixture. Simply turn the T-handle at top a couple of times after each use and your compost is mixed and aerated by the internal mixing arms.

EcoLet Automatic
Fully automatic Electric 240V
3 People full time 4 people part time usage

The Automatic model is similar to the Manual but has a fully automatic mixing mechanism. Simply lower the seat after each use and your Automatic does the rest. There is no risk that the mixing is forgotten by children or visiting guests.

EcoLet Automatic XL
Fully automatic Electric 240V
4 People full time 6 people part time usage

The XL is for those who need extra capacity. This unit is fully automatic, has a 40% larger chamber, two heating elements, ventilation fan, advanced mixing mechanism, and excess liquid sensor making it the most advanced composting toilet on the market!

EcoLet NE
Batch Composter Non Electric
2 People full time 4 people part time usage

The NE is the ideal toilet for remote locations where electricity is not available. The NE has two exchangeable composting bins, one under the seat and one in the rear for maturing the compost further before emptying. The NE is supplied with a larger vent pipe for better natural draft, but has no heater or fan to aid in the evaporation of excess liquid. Therefore, a convenient drain tube is provided to evacuate the liquids to a leaching pit in-ground, grey water system or to an auxiliary storage container. A low wattage fan can be fitted as an option.

EcoLet uses modern technology to accelerate and optimise natural biological decomposition, evaporate excess liquid and to exhaust odours and water vapour, all within an attractive home appliance that is easy to use and economical to operate.

The ventilation pipe leads moist air away and ventilates the entire bathroom. Mixing arms help aerate the compost and sift it into the humus tray. The adjustable thermostat combined with recirculation of the heated air results in a very low energy cost. The fan drives warm air through the air channels to remove moisture, to provide the compost with oxygen and to warm it up to optimum temperature. For maximum usage rates the toilet room should be at least 18C.

The humus collection tray in the bottom of the unit is emptied once every 2-3 months or up to a year, depending on usage. More humus-starter is added as needed to maintain a balanced composting mix.

H66 W65 D74 -Floorspace required 65x135cm

ECOLET Automatic and Manual
H68 W55 D74 -Floorspace required 55x135cm

H67 W64 D88 -Floorspace required 65x135cm

Outer casing of ABS-Plastic.
Mixing arms and other important metal components of Stainless Steel.

ECOLET Manual: 250W max - Heater 225W and fan motor 25W.

ECOLET Automatic: 320W max - Heater 250W
Mixer motor 45W and Fan motor 25W

ECOLET XL: 380W max - Heaters 310W
Mixer Motor 45 W and Fan motor 25W

Two years limited warranty.
The right is reserved to alter designs.